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CHARACTER NAME: The Riddler/Edward Nygma/Edward Nashton


Backtagging: Certainly!
Threadhopping: Ask first, please~
Fourthwalling: Also ask first. He won't take it well.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Jokes about rape and mental disorders, I guess.


Hugging this character: Unless he really likes you, he'll probably shove you off. Anything further than that earns attack.
Kissing this character: Same as above, but upgrade to "attacking right off', unless you're lucky and he actually cares.
Flirting with this character: Depends. He might sarcastically flirt back, but usually he'll just get pissy. Especially if your character's a male. Internalized homophobia is go
Fighting with this character: Go ahead! He's not that great at it, though a little better than most incarnations of the Riddler.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Bruise and cut him up all you want, but if it's anything long-term (broken bones/permanent scarring) ask first~
Killing this character: Again, ask.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Again, ask, and he'll probably figure out how to block it with a little thinking/training.
Warnings: He's kind of a dick. He doesn't mind making people feel inferior. If he wants information, he'll torture for it. And if he has something personal against someone, he'll do his best to ruin and kill them.

Another thing--if he's from anywhere around the Riddler's Revenge canonpoint, he's a little bit hopeless and doesn't have a huge problem with getting in harm's way, even if this would result in his death. If that's an uncomfortable subject and it comes up in a thread, feel free to send the mun a PM so we can work it out!

On riddles: He is the Riddler, after all, he'll toss at least a couple around if you play with him for any length of time. If your character is known to be good at solving them, but you as the player aren't quite sure of the answer, it's always fine to send a PM to ask for the answer. ...I certainly am not as bright as he is in that regard, so if you ask him a tough one, you might end up getting a query through PM yourself. 

*?* I'll probably be okay with most of those things I request you ask about, I mostly just want to know in advance in case there's some kind of plot pre-planned between myself and others that his death/a broken leg/especially upset mental stability that would risk it.

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What demands an answer, but never asks a question?
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