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Age:  20
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Pronouns: she/they
Other characters: n/a

Name: Riddler/Edward Nygma
Canon: The Batman
Canon point: mid Season 4, just after Riddler's Revenge
Appearance: in costume | out of costume (the black on his face that isn't lipstick are permanent tattoos; he is thin enough that his ribs are visible through his skin and also his costume)
Age: mid-20s
Gender: Male
Personality:  Riddler is a genius, there's no doubt about that. Along with his love of wordplay, he enjoys puzzles of all kinds, can hack most computers on a whim--and if he can't, there's no doubt he'll find a way, even if he has to break in to get it. He knows he's good enough, of course he is. He's arrogant.  He's stubborn when he has a goal in mind, though he can also be patient if it involves revenge.

But he can't always use his mind to the best of his abilities. If he's in control of a situation, it's fine, he'll act mockingly friendly and he can brush off insults and threats like they're nothing, because they are. He has a hefty ego, and he knows he's better than his opponents, so it doesn't matter what they say. It's just a game. But if his control of the situation slips in a way he didn't predict, the arrogance breaks into a little bit of fear and a lot more fury.

Edward Nygma is ruled by his emotions. He'd never admit it, as that seems like a weakness, but it's true. The cause of his fall from Edward to Riddler was his rage and hate directed at the one he thought had ruined him. The cause of his assumption that Gorman was the one who caused his ruin was both his emotions at someone who reminded him of his father (anger and fear) before the sabotage, and his emotions regarding the true culprit, who he never suspected, who he loved, Julie. She seemed to care, something he'd never experienced before; but she only admired his intellect and invention, and disposed of him when that didn't seem good enough to make a success.

He loves attention, yes; he wouldn't be Riddler if he didn't, so flagrant with his crimes across Gotham, but that wasn't enough in the end. Supervillains get all kinds of attention, and yet he accepted his death at the bottom of the bay with near apathy. And even before that, before becoming Riddler, he lost his career and his Julie and his hope, and he would have died along with the bomb in Gorman's house when he originally set out for revenge. 

Riddler is not a monster, even with his worst actions, even as much as he wishes he was. There were never innocent bystanders taken hostage. When he hid explosives around the city, they weren't real, despite clearly having the resources to make them. He takes risks with players in the game, like driving Yin off a bridge and later electrocuting her, but he saved genuine murder attempts for only the ones he hates personally--and for his fellow top-tier villains, Penguin and Joker. Riddler knows he's the villain and that the Batman is the hero. He knew the Batman wouldn't let Yin come to harm in the end.

But he knows he's done wrong, he has since the start. At the canon point he's coming from, he is...tired of it. He's discovered who was truly behind what ruined him, the only person he ever thought to trust or managed to care about. Being the Riddler isn't enough anymore, if it ever really was. But he doesn't have hope for an escape. He's the Riddler--but the Riddler created due to lies, due to being wrong--but he can't be Edward, because Edward was weak and stupid when he fell for trusting and hoping and caring.

Riddler is not in control of the situation, and he never has been. 

And this is going to affect his interactions with others quite a lot. He doesn't know what to do, what to fall back on, which feeds back into his inability to control his own emotions and lessens his ability to use logic. He won't be stable, he'll have trouble functioning, he'll most likely be dangerous and not work well with anyone, no matter how they try to approach him. 

History: as I've been unable to find a quality wiki page, here.
Aspirations: Revenge: to take down the Batman, to take down Gorman and Julie. Being thrown into Freesia without those being immediate options will leave him quite off balance; it will be interesting to explore how his interactions with people will work into goals.
Fears: Being seen as stupid, being mentally or emotionally weak, never being understood
Inventory: Only a pair of sickles (unofficially dubbed "Sharp Questions"). Other than the high-quality metal they're made of, they're nothing special. 

Magic: Technokinesis 
Reason: Technology is Riddler's life. Hacking with and inventing new technology to improve his crimes, to keep up with the Batman (who, even with Riddler's best attempts with Sharp Question and cane, can beat him within a minute in a face-to-face encounter), and in his pre-villain life to help improve the way people think. It's already the basis of his "power" in Gotham; he'd take to that type of magic more naturally than any other.

RP samples:

What runs around a city, but never once moves?

Riddler stalked around the outside of the city, looking for the slightest holes, weaknesses. He'd been in much smaller cells in much worse conditions, but the city was a prison all the same. He would find his way out, he was clever enough, and then he would find that abductor and pay him back.

He wasn't in the city, Riddler figured out, and so he was left to his investigations along the edge.

He'd done that for at least five nights in a row. He'd slept sparingly, eaten even less so, but it didn't matter, because he was trapped. He needed to get out, he would get out.

Even though he hadn't yet.

His entire body tensed and stopped barely a foot from the shimmering barrier.

No-one outsmarts the Riddler.

He ripped a Sharp Question and hurled it--an experiment, he'd justify later, but for then it was sheer and simple rage.It hit the barrier with a noise he didn't know quite how to describe even with his massive vocabulary other than loud, and it flew off to clatter at his feet.

Riddler snarled and snatched it up, glancing behind him to see if anyone had seen it--no-one, it seemed.

There were always other ways to escape, he would look into them in the morning, but for then he'd pace the edge (like a trapped animal) and think.

Shortform: here~ and here!
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